Apr 162012

It was a very interesting meeting on April 2, 2012. As an intern it was interesting to me because i got to see court in session. This specific case was about Chipotle Mexican Grill serving alcohol to a minor and also wanting to get their liquor license renewed. I personally wondered whether or not they would be able to get their license renewed after having violated their license by serving alcohol to a minor.

The case after this case was about a liquor store selling to a minor. I wondered how this would effect their business as well. With Chipotle, alcohol is not their main source of income and so it wouldnt be a huge blow if they lost their license to serve liquor. However, for the liquor store it would be a big problem because their major source of income is liquor.

As part of the stipulation signed by Mr. Stonbraker, the City Prosecutor, a recommended penalty was seven days suspension of the licensee’s license, with three days to be served and four days to be held in abeyance during the period of one year. The licensee also must pay reasonable costs incurred by the authority not to exceed $1500.00.

In conclusion, the employee was terminated and the date for the TIPS (alcohol training) was set for sometime in April 2012. The stipulation was passed by all members of the council. The licensee recieved a suspension and they submitted a petition to pay a fine. The mayor recognised that although these things do happen he urged them to be more visulant and careful and take their time when checking ID’s.

Chipolte appeals to younger kids and that is a reason to be more careful and take time to completely check and make sure the customer is of age to be drinking.

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Apr 022012

One of the many topics at the last meeting on March 19, 2012, was the issue of how the annual Public Works Day event impacts the quality of lives in the community. The Public Works Day event is an event where elementary schools take a field trip to City Hall and learn about different things such as water conservation, recycling, and energy usage. It was initiated by the Greenwood Village Public Works Department, and celebrates Public Works Week. Approximately 100 first grade students from schools like Belleview Elementary show up and learn through 8-10 different stations set up by staff.

The problem in the past 2 years because of funding (as the cost per child is about 10$), problems with the city staff’s raises and the fishing derby also resulted from lack of money. Costs for Public Works Day include: drinks and snacks and Goodies such as coloring books, crayons, bags, and safety vests. This year the committee is trying to decide what they can cut back on at the Public Works Day in order to still have the event, the staff came up with the following:

1) Cut down on goodies given out such as safety vests

2) Try and raise money for the event

The committee also all agreed that a good idea would be to open Public Works Day up to other schools such as Littleton Public Schools, Cottonwood Elementary School, and Greenwood Elementary School. However there is a capacity problem for staff in looking at the amount of kids versus the amount of staff.

I think this is a good idea to open the event up to other schools as it is a learning experience for not only the kids, but for teachers, parents and volunteers as well. I also think that if Greenwood Village can cut down the costs of the event it will be an easier and affordable day that will be looked forward to for years to come.


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Mar 112012

The fishing derby is back! April 28, 2012-6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. The durby will be at Tommy Davis Pond-9200 East Orchard Road. All you need is your fishing pole! fish for prizes, for fun, or for some lunch! The pond at Tommy Davis Park will be filled with rainbow trout for the kids to catch! Breakfast will be served to anyone who has gotten a breakfast ticket from City Hall. Tickets are available April 2 through April 28. Any person wanting to fish who is 16 years or older must have a license which can be obtained through the Department of Wildlife. This year is a very special year for the Fishing Durby because this is the year Greenwood Village has brought back the durby after a couple of years with out it. At the meeting on Monday March 5, 2012 the durby was discussed. Greenwood Village needs $2500 in donations. City hall will pay $1600. This money will go to breakfast, prizes, and of course, the fish! At the meeting every member approved the notion and so it passed! Volunteers are always welcome! please join us for some fun!


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Mar 042012

The topic of letting large manufacturing businesses put their companies in Greenwood Village was one of the topics at our last meeting. The committee discussed that while this would bring business to GV it would also bring many problems such as: truck traffic, smoke and pollution, and whether or not it would be a use of permit or a use by right.

Some things I feel the committee needs to think about in making this decision is that:

1) If they allowed the manufacturing business to come into GV this limits the smaller businesses in office space and it cuts down their business

2) If decided that it was a use by right then wouldn’t that be a hole to let more manufacturing companies in? and more manufacturing companies means more truck traffic, and more pollution.

However, some pros in making this dicision are:

1) The more big businesses the less taxes the individual has to pay

2) The more manufacturing companies, the more business to GV

If the committee decided to make it a use by permit then that would limit the amount of manufacturers moving in and place limits on the number of trucks, smoke stacks, pollution, and location, making this a more difficult but better for GV.


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Feb 122012

A recent idea among the Greenwood Village city council is to make some parks in the area into dog parks. This topic has caused a lot of stir from the public and a lot of interest at meetings.

If Greenwood Village were to make some of these parks into dog parks, they mentioned it would only be for a period of time during the day at any park. For example, from 5-8 at a specific park, the park would be home to off-leash dogs.

This off leash component of the idea is what I think makes people worry. Dogs off their leashes can be quite dangerous depending on the dog. If the council thinks this is a good idea, it should also consider the following:

1) Dogs make messes, and not all owners are the type to clean up after their dogs, making this a responsibility for the city.

2) Dogs off leashes are a potential threat to adults, children, and wildlife in the area.

3) Dogs are not only a danger to humans but also a danger to other dogs.

If the city council would like to make some parks in the area into dog parks, the time limit is a good idea. They should also consider the 3 potential hazards above, and they should alert the public around these parks who use them, by sending out a flier letting them know the park’s new change. I also think that signs should be put up around the parks saying the hours when dogs can be off their leashes, rules about letting your dog off its leash (such as picking up after it), and alerting citizens of the risks they face being around off leash dogs.

If I were to vote on this issue, I would vote yes for making a few parks into off leash dog parks as long as rules were put into place, hazards were considered by the board, and citizens were notified of the recent change. Dog parks can be a fun and rewarding addition to the city as long as these things and the safety of citizens are taken into account.


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