Apr 162012

In the previous meeting, the council had a hearing for both Chipotle and Wine and Spirits on selling liquor to minors. The cost was much more for Wine and spirits due to liquor is the only way the create profit; unlike Chipotle, whose main source of income is from their food menu items, and sodas. Though they both got similar punishments, Wine and Spirits fine was larger then Chipotle’s on account of the percent of profit liquor sale is all they sell.

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Apr 022012

For the past three years, the city has been unable to fund a fantastic program for the first graders which taught them about programs the city provides, such as water management, to improve the city and help the citizens in greenwood village. At the last meeting, the council decided to bring this program back, and is putting 1,100 dollars to this fantastic program which many participants still talk about years later. This program doesn’t only benefit the children that participate, but the city members who get to share information about what they do to a younger, eager generation and are able to give the excited first graders a small gift as a reminder of each stand. Not only does this program benefit its participants but helps the community (who are also invited with a reservation) know and understand what all goes on in their city, and what impact they are able to make.

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Mar 192012

During the last meeting it was announced that the annual fishing derby is back! After the completion of the constructions and modifications to the pond where the derby is held, the council decided to start the derby up. Though, they are asking for donations; requesting a minimum of 2,600 dollars, and the city will supply 1,600 dollars. Though this might seem a little pricey, it is a small price to pay for family fun, and a chance to clean, and take home the fish you catch, plus, there will be prizes for the children! So gather your family and join the fishing derby!

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Mar 052012

During the meeting on February 29,2012 the Greenwood Village council had brought up the question of creating a dog park(s) in the area of Greenwood village. This idea was widely supported by the people, just not in their park. Though the citizens fancied the idea of being able to play with their dogs off leash for a few hours a day, just as many citizens didn’t feel comfortable with having the park in their park since there would be no fence, and therefore, no way to keep the dogs contained besides a few signs around the park.

If off leash hours were accepted into the parks for pros I feel

  • -the dogs would be more excersized and be friendlier around other people
  • -Owners will feel more obligated to follow these rules
  • - The increasing number of dog owners will increase the amount of use to the park.
  • -Though the cons, I feel, greatly outweigh the pros.

-If off leash hours were accepted into the parks, I feel the cons would be

  • -Damage to the foliage.
  • -Increased amounts of dog “droppings”
  • -Less use by non-dog owning citizens during the hours
  • -Increase in wild life disruption
  • -Increase of out of area use of parks
  • -Unfamiliars in the neighborhood.

I feel that having off leash hours in Greenwood village parks is not a good idea, and wouldn’t be supported by the community that the dog park is in.  Though this would be a good idea for dog owners, there are also parks near the community that accept off leash dogs. Before the dog parks are accepted, I feel they will have to build fences, and ask the people as a whole if they would be okay with the park in their parks, and accept the damage that is bound to be done.

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