May 112012

The discussion at City Hall was all about what to do about the Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve water viewing area or as I will refer to it, the MPNP. Located off South Holly Street between Belleview Avenue and Orchard Road, in what is known as The Preserve. The Preserve is a rare community that lives in harmony with its natural surroundings. The 45-acre Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve is the centerpiece of the neighborhood. Home to wildlife, and nature flourishes here. Walking and biking trails extend along the Highline Canal as it runs 1.5 miles through The Preserve on its 70-mile course through Denver, and many views of the mountains can be seen here. Many say this is the BEST place to have a viewing area oh so nice. The plans include 3 sitting/viewing areas, nature native to Colorado and our surrounding areas. The trails will feature plants, shrubs, and trees that are very nicely placed, including one which is planned to be cut and placed on its side on the path to provide beauty and a resting place. The plans for the MPNP are extensive and absolutely amazing! Once it is finished in late 2012, I will make a visit.


To view the plans please click here…

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Feb 132012

Many liquor stores and establishments which sell liquor have been a hot topic among many people and even the Greenwood Village City council.

At the last meeting, a liquor store and restaurant’s liquor licenses where on the chopping block. A restaurant in the area sold alcohol to an undercover, who was also underage. The waiter for the two subjects did not ask for I.D., nor did the waitress who delivered the beverages. The situation got even worse for the first waiter when he had told not only the waitress but also his manager he checked both I.D’s. When is the main waiter had been spoken to by a Greenwood Village police officer, the waiter again lied, and said he checked the cards.

Should the business a whole be punished? Yes. Questions are raised as to if the waiter and waitress had been properly trained under TIPS, if they understood the training, and if they had not seen the sign clearly placed by the register.

The council and the restaurant came to an agreement on a stipulation for the restaurants lack in enforcing I.D. checks. The recommended stipulation is a 7 day suspension, with 3 days to be served, and 4 days to be held in abeyance for 1 year

My issue with the entire situation is this restaurant is less than a mile from Cherry Creek High School. A student could have easily entered the establishment, and may or may not be checked for an I.D. Or if this situation were to have happened between 10 A.M.-1 P.M., a student or multiple students’ lives could have been in danger.

This incident should serve as a warning to other restaurants that a simple age check on an idea can keep a restaurant out of trouble.


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