Dec 162011

Today’s meeting was particularly intriguing because a elementary topic was introduced, a businessman looking to get a liquor license. This was the first meeting we attended in which the time allotted to public comment was used. The business owner, Marmel Corporation is trying to open a liquor shop that specializes in the distribution of middle eastern liquor in Arapahoe Road area. The reason this is up for discussion is because there are four other shops within a one mile radius of this location that also supply people with liquor. The entrepreneur claims that this area is the perfect place for his shop because of the high exposure, since the area is adjacent to a busy highway. The only problem with this is that the other business owners in the area do not want another shop opening so close to them because it might redirect customers away from their shops. With that being said, those business owners are fighting to disallow Marmel Corporation’s request for a liquor license.

I think that this issue is interesting because these business owners, who had to apply for a liquor license are fighting Marmel Corporation’s request. Another thing that should be noted about this issue is that the United States operates with a market economy. A substantial part of a market economy is competition. Competition is great for many reasons. Competition allows us to have the lowest prices, it allows companies to work harder to give us the best products they can and  it promotes a higher standard of living. These business owners had to apply for a liquor license too, what if the current business owners tried to disallow them the right to get their license? Marmel Corporation is where they were whenever they started their business. I think the Council made the right choice by allowing the business owner to have the license. I think the Council made the correct decision by allowing Marmel Corporation to have their liquor license.

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Nov 292011

The November 21st meeting was a great opportunity to witness the inner workings of democracy. Each member of the Council was sworn in to their new term. The American government has come far in just 235 years. It’s incredible to think that just a few centuries ago people had to fight for the mere right of representation. This is still the case in some countries around the world today. In Guyana, the government is much different. Guyana practices parliamentary style democracy in addition to the multiple party system. That just means that the people are guided by a president, who oversees a prime minister and a national assembly. Due to the amount of racial hostility present, a contributing factor of electing a president is their race, which is completely ludicrous! The suppression endured by the Guyanese is far more intricate than I would like write about. However, having the opportunity to observe contrasting governments in action, I can say without any doubt, equal representation is superior to cessation of rights.

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Nov 102011

The engineering/architecture company Merrick & Company would like to relocate their headquarters to Greenwood Village from Aurora. The employee-owned $125 million company has asked the City to offer a 50% rebate of the occupational privilege tax (OPT) for the first six months of their relocation. The OPT requires businesses to pay $4 every month per every employee; what this means for Merrick & Company is that instead of paying the standard $4, they would just pay $2 each month per employee. They will bring around 300 full time employees with them to the City; their expansion plans include an additional 75 full time employees within the next five years. This means that the rebate will cost the City $3,600. Though the relocation of the company will bring 300 jobs to the City, there are some concerns, as addressed by Councilmember Todd. Continue reading »

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Nov 092011

We had our first City Council meeting today. It was much different than I had expected. Jeiel and I met the other Inter, Teller, who seems to be a pretty cool guy.  The study session prior to the meeting was quite interesting. I didn’t know so many people in the City of Greenwood Village were such big fans of Disc Golf. We did learn about 5k run that took place around the Village Greens where participants ended in a different time than they had started. This occurred during Daylight Savings time. The issue was regarding a permit for the run and a noise permit, however I think it sounds like a great idea and I wish I would have known about it because I would have loved to participate in it.As for the actual meeting, it was surprising. The Ordinances in question were moved past very quickly. Most of them did not need much discussion as the Council Members had asked and answered questions prior to the meeting.

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